What Our Policy Covers

Depending on the options that you select, and subject to the small deductibles that the client may be required to pay, the Aeroinsure UK policy will protect your client for:

  • Accidental damage to the aircraft whilst in flight, taxiing or on the ground
  • The legal liability for bodily injury or property damage to third parties and passengers up to the limit you have specified
  • Automatic increased limits of liability that the client may be required to carry whilst operating in or over foreign countries, Ministry of Defence airfields and the like
  • Automatic cover for the client's motor vehicle on the airfield
  • Expenses arising from a forced landing even though the aircraft is not damaged
  • Search and Rescue expenses up to £50,000
  • Loss of or damage to maps, headsets and flying clothing etc.
  • Pilot Personal Accident Extension (Standard Limit £10,000 any one pilot)

Policies on Aeroinsure UK can only be purchased by completing an application form online. Administration of your policy and our 24-hour claims service can be carried out either by telephone, email, post and, of course, via the Aeroinsure UK website.

You may review the full policy conditions here.

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